Adele (アデル) Music Best 54 (MP3-PC/SP) HTML5

  1. (Adele) Addicted To You.mp3
  2. (Adele) All I Ask.mp3
  3. (Adele) Anymore.mp3
  4. (Adele) Baby It's You.mp3
  5. (Adele) Best For Last.mp3
  6. (Adele) Chasing Pavements.mp3
  7. (Adele) Cold Shoulder.mp3
  8. (Adele) Crazy For You.mp3
  9. (Adele) Daniel Merriweather.mp3
  10. (Adele) Daydreamer.mp3
  11. (Adele) Don't You Remember.mp3
  12. (Adele) Fastlove.mp3
  13. (Adele) First Love.mp3
  14. (Adele) Fool That I Am.mp3
  15. (Adele) He Won’t Go.mp3
  16. (Adele) Hello.mp3
  17. (Adele) Hiding My Heart.mp3
  18. (Adele) Hometown Glory.mp3
  19. (Adele) I Miss You.mp3
  20. (Adele) If It Hadn't Been Love.mp3
  21. (Adele) Ill Be Waiting.mp3
  22. (Adele) J'ai peur parfois.mp3
  23. (Adele) Judas In The Deep.mp3
  24. (Adele) l cant make you love me.mp3
  25. (Adele) Live At The Royal Albert Hall.mp3
  26. (Adele) Love In The Dark.mp3
  27. (Adele) Love Song.mp3
  28. (Adele) Make you feel my love.mp3
  29. (Adele) Melt My Heart to Stone.mp3
  30. (Adele) Million Years Ago.mp3
  31. (Adele) My Same.mp3
  32. (Adele) Need you now.mp3
  33. (Adele) Now and Then.mp3
  34. (Adele) Now That Youre Gone.mp3
  35. (Adele) One and Only.mp3
  36. (Adele) Promise This.mp3
  37. (Adele) Remedy.mp3
  38. (Adele) Right As Rain.mp3
  39. (Adele) River Lea.mp3
  40. (Adele) Rolling in the Deep.mp3
  41. (Adele) Rumour Has It.mp3
  42. (Adele) Send My Love.mp3
  43. (Adele) Set Fire To The Rain.mp3
  44. (Adele) Skyfall.mp3
  45. (Adele) Someone Like You.mp3
  46. (Adele) Sweetest Devotion(1).mp3
  47. (Adele) Sweetest Devotion.mp3
  48. (Adele) Take It All.mp3
  49. (Adele) That's it I quit I'm movin on.mp3
  50. (Adele) Tired.mp3
  51. (Adele) Turning Tables.mp3
  52. (Adele) Water Under the Bridge.mp3
  53. (Adele) When We Were Young.mp3
  54. (Adele) Why Do You Love Me.mp3