The Ventures (ザ・ベンチャーズ) Music Best 120 (MP3-PC/SP) HTML5

  1. (The Ventures) A Go Go GUITAR.mp3
  2. (The Ventures) A tease of money.mp3
  3. (The Ventures) Ad-Venture.mp3
  4. (The Ventures) Apache.mp3
  5. (The Ventures) Baretta's Theme.mp3
  6. (The Ventures) Batman.mp3
  7. (The Ventures) Besame Moucho.mp3
  8. (The Ventures) Black is black.mp3
  9. (The Ventures) Blue Chateau.mp3
  10. (The Ventures) Blue Moon.mp3
  11. (The Ventures) Blue Star.mp3
  12. (The Ventures) Blue Sunset.mp3
  13. (The Ventures) Bulldog.mp3
  14. (The Ventures) Calhoun surf.mp3
  15. (The Ventures) California dreaming.mp3
  16. (The Ventures) Caravan.mp3
  17. (The Ventures) Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom.mp3
  18. (The Ventures) Classical gas.mp3
  19. (The Ventures) Diamond Head.mp3
  20. (The Ventures) Diamonds are forever.mp3
  21. (The Ventures) Driving Guitars.mp3
  22. (The Ventures) El Cumbanchero.mp3
  23. (The Ventures) El Watusi.mp3
  24. (The Ventures) Escape.mp3
  25. (The Ventures) EXODUS.mp3
  26. (The Ventures) Exploration in terror.mp3
  27. (The Ventures) Frankie & Johnny.mp3
  28. (The Ventures) Frosty The Snowman.mp3
  29. (The Ventures) Ghost Riders In The Sky.mp3
  30. (The Ventures) Ginchy.mp3
  31. (The Ventures) Ginza Lights.mp3
  32. (The Ventures) Go Go Slow.mp3
  33. (The Ventures) Go.mp3
  34. (The Ventures) Good Lovin.mp3
  35. (The Ventures) Green Leaves Of Summer.mp3
  36. (The Ventures) Greenfields.mp3
  37. (The Ventures) Hawaii Five-0.mp3
  38. (The Ventures) He Never Came Back.mp3
  39. (The Ventures) Hernando's Hideaway.mp3
  40. (The Ventures) Hokkaido Skies.mp3
  41. (The Ventures) Home.mp3
  42. (The Ventures) hot line.mp3
  43. (The Ventures) Inasena Locomotion.mp3
  44. (The Ventures) Jingle Bell Rock.mp3
  45. (The Ventures) Jingle Bells.mp3
  46. (The Ventures) Josie.mp3
  47. (The Ventures) Journey To The Stars.mp3
  48. (The Ventures) Koyubi-No-Omoide.mp3
  49. (The Ventures) Kyoto Doll.mp3
  50. (The Ventures) La Bamba.mp3
  51. (The Ventures) Let there be drums.mp3
  52. (The Ventures) Let's go.mp3
  53. (The Ventures) Lets Twist Again.mp3
  54. (The Ventures) Light My Fire.mp3
  55. (The Ventures) Locomotion.mp3
  56. (The Ventures) Lolita Ya Ya.mp3
  57. (The Ventures) Lonely Heart.mp3
  58. (The Ventures) Lullaby Of The Leaves.mp3
  59. (The Ventures) Manchurian Beat.mp3
  60. (The Ventures) Mashed Potato Time.mp3
  61. (The Ventures) Meet Mister Callahan.mp3
  62. (The Ventures) Monday Monday.mp3
  63. (The Ventures) Morgen.mp3
  64. (The Ventures) Movin.mp3
  65. (The Ventures) Mr Moto.mp3
  66. (The Ventures) My Own True Love.mp3
  67. (The Ventures) Never On A Sunday.mp3
  68. (The Ventures) Night Train.mp3
  69. (The Ventures) No Trespassing.mp3
  70. (The Ventures) Oh, Pretty Woman.mp3
  71. (The Ventures) Out of Limits.mp3
  72. (The Ventures) Penetration.mp3
  73. (The Ventures) Perfidia.mp3
  74. (The Ventures) Peter Gunn.mp3
  75. (The Ventures) Pipeline.mp3
  76. (The Ventures) Rainy Pavement.mp3
  77. (The Ventures) Ram Bunk Shush.mp3
  78. (The Ventures) RAP CITY.mp3
  79. (The Ventures) Raunchy.mp3
  80. (The Ventures) Raw Hide.mp3
  81. (The Ventures) Rawhide.mp3
  82. (The Ventures) Red Top.mp3
  83. (The Ventures) Reflections In A Palace Lake.mp3
  84. (The Ventures) Romantic Moon.mp3
  85. (The Ventures) Runaway.mp3
  86. (The Ventures) Secret Agent Man.mp3
  87. (The Ventures) Sentimental guitar.mp3
  88. (The Ventures) September Sunrise.mp3
  89. (The Ventures) Slaughter On 10th Avenue.mp3
  90. (The Ventures) Sleep Walk.mp3
  91. (The Ventures) Sleigh Ride.mp3
  92. (The Ventures) Sloop John B.mp3
  93. (The Ventures) Starsky & Hutch theme.mp3
  94. (The Ventures) Stop the music.mp3
  95. (The Ventures) Stranger In Midosuji.mp3
  96. (The Ventures) Sukiyaki.mp3
  97. (The Ventures) Sultans of swing.mp3
  98. (The Ventures) Summertime.mp3
  99. (The Ventures) Sunny River.mp3
  100. (The Ventures) Telstar.mp3
  101. (The Ventures) Ten Seconds To Heaven.mp3
  102. (The Ventures) Tequila.mp3
  103. (The Ventures) The Bat.mp3
  104. (The Ventures) The cape.mp3
  105. (The Ventures) The Cruel Sea.mp3
  106. (The Ventures) The House Of The Rising Sun.mp3
  107. (The Ventures) The Intruder.mp3
  108. (The Ventures) The man from uncle.mp3
  109. (The Ventures) The McCoy.mp3
  110. (The Ventures) The Mighty Quinn.mp3
  111. (The Ventures) The Swingin Creeper.mp3
  112. (The Ventures) The Switch.mp3
  113. (The Ventures) These Boots Are Made For Walking.mp3
  114. (The Ventures) Trambone.mp3
  115. (The Ventures) Ventures Medley.mp3
  116. (The Ventures) Wakareta Hito To.mp3
  117. (The Ventures) Walk Dont Run.mp3
  118. (The Ventures) Walking With Pluto.mp3
  119. (The Ventures) Wild Child.mp3
  120. (The Ventures) Wipe Out.mp3
  121. (The Ventures) Yellow Jacket.mp3
  122. (The Ventures) Yozora No Hoshi.mp3
  123. (The Ventures) Zocko.mp3