Eagles (イーグルス) Music Best 70 (MP3-PC/SP) HTML5

  1. (Eagles) After the Thrill is Gone.mp3
  2. (Eagles) All She Wants To Do Is Dance.mp3
  3. (Eagles) Already Gone.mp3
  4. (Eagles) Best of My Love.mp3
  5. (Eagles) Bitter Creek.mp3
  6. (Eagles) Blackberry Blossom.mp3
  7. (Eagles) Bristol Express.mp3
  8. (Eagles) Chug All Night.mp3
  9. (Eagles) Country Living.mp3
  10. (Eagles) Desperado.mp3
  11. (Eagles) Dirty Laundry.mp3
  12. (Eagles) Earlybird .mp3
  13. (Eagles) Funk #49.mp3
  14. (Eagles) Funky New Year.mp3
  15. (Eagles) Get Over It.mp3
  16. (Eagles) Get You In The Mood.mp3
  17. (Eagles) Guilty Of The Crime.mp3
  18. (Eagles) Happy Joe.mp3
  19. (Eagles) Heartache Tonight.mp3
  20. (Eagles) Help Me Thru The Night.mp3
  21. (Eagles) Hole In The World.mp3
  22. (Eagles) Hotel California.mp3
  23. (Eagles) How Long.mp3
  24. (Eagles) I Cant Tell You Why.mp3
  25. (Eagles) I Don't Want To Hear Any More.mp3
  26. (Eagles) I Love To Watch A Woman Dance.mp3
  27. (Eagles) I Wish You Peace.mp3
  28. (Eagles) In the City.mp3
  29. (Eagles) It's Your World Now.mp3
  30. (Eagles) James Dean (live).mp3
  31. (Eagles) Journey of the Sorcerer.mp3
  32. (Eagles) Last Good Time In Town.mp3
  33. (Eagles) Learn To Be Still.mp3
  34. (Eagles) Life In The Fast Lane (live).mp3
  35. (Eagles) Looking into You (live).mp3
  36. (Eagles) Love Will Keep Us Alive.mp3
  37. (Eagles) Lover's Moon.mp3
  38. (Eagles) Lying Eyes.mp3
  39. (Eagles) New Kid in Town.mp3
  40. (Eagles) New York Minute.mp3
  41. (Eagles) No More Cloudy Days.mp3
  42. (Eagles) One Of These Nights.mp3
  43. (Eagles) Out of Control.mp3
  44. (Eagles) Outlaw Man.mp3
  45. (Eagles) Peaceful Easy Feeling.mp3
  46. (Eagles) Please Come Home For Christmas.mp3
  47. (Eagles) Pretty Maids All in a Row.mp3
  48. (Eagles) Seven Bridges Road_.mp3
  49. (Eagles) Somebody.mp3
  50. (Eagles) Take It Easy.mp3
  51. (Eagles) Take It To The Limit.mp3
  52. (Eagles) Take the Devil.mp3
  53. (Eagles) Tequila Sunrise.mp3
  54. (Eagles) The Best of My Love.mp3
  55. (Eagles) The Boys Of Summer (live).mp3
  56. (Eagles) The Girl From Yesterday.mp3
  57. (Eagles) The Heart Of The Matter (live).mp3
  58. (Eagles) The Long Run.mp3
  59. (Eagles) The Maigret Theme.mp3
  60. (Eagles) Those Shoes.mp3
  61. (Eagles) Too Many Hands.mp3
  62. (Eagles) Train Leaves Here This Morning.mp3
  63. (Eagles) Try and Love Again.mp3
  64. (Eagles) Tryin.mp3
  65. (Eagles) Twenty One.mp3
  66. (Eagles) Victim Of Love (livel).mp3
  67. (Eagles) Walk Away.mp3
  68. (Eagles) Wasted Time.mp3
  69. (Eagles) Witchy Woman.mp3
  70. (Eagles) You Are Not Alone.mp3
  71. (Eagles) You never cry like a lover.mp3