Standing Egg (スタンディングエッグ) Music Best 80 (MP3-PC/SP) HTML5

  1. (Standing Egg) Aloha.mp3
  2. (Standing Egg) Blue Sky.mp3
  3. (Standing Egg) Crazy.mp3
  4. (Standing Egg) Cuz it's you(너라면 괜찮아).mp3
  5. (Standing Egg) First Love.mp3
  6. (Standing Egg) From the star(별의 조각).mp3
  7. (Standing Egg) Have You Ever Had Heart Broken.mp3
  8. (Standing Egg) hide & seek.mp3
  9. (Standing Egg) I'll Pick You Up(데리러 갈게) .mp3
  10. (Standing Egg) Im not Yours.mp3
  11. (Standing Egg) In my dream.mp3
  12. (Standing Egg) Keep Going.mp3
  13. (Standing Egg) Kiss.mp3
  14. (Standing Egg) lalala.mp3
  15. (Standing Egg) Lemon Pie.mp3
  16. (Standing Egg) Little Star.mp3
  17. (Standing Egg) Love or Like.mp3
  18. (Standing Egg) Miss Flower.mp3
  19. (Standing Egg) Miss You MV.mp3
  20. (Standing Egg) Mother.mp3
  21. (Standing Egg) Never forget you.mp3
  22. (Standing Egg) Nobody Knows.mp3
  23. (Standing Egg) Oh Wait(오 잠깐).mp3
  24. (Standing Egg) Once Again(With 한소현).mp3
  25. (Standing Egg) One Love (사랑한대).mp3
  26. (Standing Egg) Propose Day.mp3
  27. (Standing Egg) Rain Drop(뚝뚝뚝).mp3
  28. (Standing Egg) Rainbow(무지개).mp3
  29. (Standing Egg) Reason.mp3
  30. (Standing Egg) Rest(휴식).mp3
  31. (Standing Egg) Run Away.mp3
  32. (Standing Egg) Runners high.mp3
  33. (Standing Egg) S.C.H(Small but Certain Happiness).mp
  34. (Standing Egg) She is Back.mp3
  35. (Standing Egg) Somebody Else.mp3
  36. (Standing Egg) Sorry.mp3
  37. (Standing Egg) Starry Night.mp3
  38. (Standing Egg) Stay Away with 예슬.mp3
  39. (Standing Egg) Stay Away.mp3
  40. (Standing Egg) Tonight(오늘 밤은).mp3
  41. (Standing Egg) Voice.mp3
  42. (Standing Egg) Yell.mp3
  43. (Standing Egg) You are in my heart(넌 내 안에).mp3
  44. (Standing Egg) 가슴 아픈 말.mp3
  45. (Standing Egg) 고백.mp3
  46. (Standing Egg) 그 자리에 있어.mp3
  47. (Standing Egg) 그래 너.mp3
  48. (Standing Egg) 그래도 좋아.mp3
  49. (Standing Egg) 나 오늘따라.mp3
  50. (Standing Egg) 내게기대.mp3
  51. (Standing Egg) 내일은 잊을꺼야.mp3
  52. (Standing Egg) 너는 알고 있을까.mp3
  53. (Standing Egg) 너라는 축제.mp3
  54. (Standing Egg) 너를.mp3
  55. (Standing Egg) 넌 이별 난 아직.mp3
  56. (Standing Egg) 널 사랑했을까.mp3
  57. (Standing Egg) 네 생각 나더라.mp3
  58. (Standing Egg) 둘이 아닌가봐.mp3
  59. (Standing Egg) 들어줄래.mp3
  60. (Standing Egg) 매일 그대를.mp3
  61. (Standing Egg) 모래시계.mp3
  62. (Standing Egg) 뭘까.mp3
  63. (Standing Egg) 바보야.mp3
  64. (Standing Egg) 별의 조각.mp3
  65. (Standing Egg) 사랑에 빠져본 적 있나요.mp3
  66. (Standing Egg) 사랑은(Love Is You).mp3
  67. (Standing Egg) 사랑의 계절.mp3
  68. (Standing Egg) 사랑한다는말.mp3
  69. (Standing Egg) 사랑한대.mp3
  70. (Standing Egg) 시간이 달라서.mp3
  71. (Standing Egg) 아마도 내일은.mp3
  72. (Standing Egg) 안아 줄게.mp3
  73. (Standing Egg) 여름밤에 우린.mp3
  74. (Standing Egg) 예뻐서 그래.mp3
  75. (Standing Egg) 오늘 밤은.mp3
  76. (Standing Egg) 오래된 노래.mp3
  77. (Standing Egg) 웃는 것밖에.mp3
  78. (Standing Egg) 있잖아 궁금해.mp3
  79. (Standing Egg) 첫눈이 오면.mp3
  80. (Standing Egg) 편한사이.mp3
  81. (Standing Egg) 항상 난 그래.mp3
  82. (Standing Egg) 항상 너의 곁에 내가 있을게.mp3
  83. (Standing Egg) 햇살이 아파.mp3
  84. (Standing Egg) 휴식.mp3